Baiden Tan Mitten – Pre-Tan Scrub Exfoliator for Face & Body, Use With Self-Tanning Lotion & Spray, Super Effective Fake-Tanner Remover, Enhances All Forms Of Tanning: Spray, Self & Sun & Bed (1pack)

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Product Description

If You’re Sick Of Uneven, Patchy, Orange, Or Just Plain Poor Looking Tans And You’d Like To Solve This Once And For All…You NEED To Try This!

Eliminate 99% Of Tanning Problems;

Patchy, uneven tans Tans wearing off unevenly  Dark knees and elbows which hang around much longer than the tan Tan wearing off after just couple of days Ingrown hair when you wax or shave before spray tanning. Age spots which tan darker than the tan and make you look spotty. What you WILL get with Baiden Tan mitten: You will get the most even tan you’ve ever had  Tans will wear off evenly. No more light patches where your jeans rub and white feet if you wear covered shoes.  Your tans will last a lot longer, often 2x as long as before. How much money will you save using less products? Your elbows and knees will be a lot closer to the rest of your body’s color, even when your tan is closer to the end of it’s life. Your pores will be clean of the dead skin layer, so hair will just grow out, not curl up under the skin and cause ingrowns. Hair waxing will become almost pain free since there is no dead skin layer in hair follicles. Your exfoliation session will increase your blood circulation and also give you lymphatic drainage which will improve skin health. Age spots are just stubborn dry skin patches. Baiden Tan will take them all out. When you are ready to get rid of old tan, Baiden Tan will take all of it off. Every single bit. So you can be ready for your next tanning session.

It’s Fast, Easy & Simple.

Wash your body with soap to remove any cosmetics. Hand wash your Baiden Tan as well to rid it of traces of vegetable oils we use in production which could make the skin slippery. Soak your body to soften the dead skin layer. Warm water is all you need. No products added.  Get out of water and sweep off excess with your hand. Wring out the mitten. Scrub side to side first with light strokes to roughen the dead skin layer, than with long, firm strokes up and down to roll the dead skin off. Exfoliate all the body and then rinse all the dead skin rolls off thouroughly. Pat dry. Give your skin 12-24 hours to close pores before you fake tan.  Enjoy the best tan ever! Baiden Mitten was specifically developed for our tanning customers, who found that our regular mitten (which is white), although super effective, eventually started to get stained with the spray tanning or self tanning solution. So, if you’ve used our regular Baiden Mitten before, it is the same product, but with deeper color, so it will stay in good shape longer. 

For great tan, preparation is the key. Get your Baiden Tan now to get the best tanning results, keep your skin healthy and to save money…


Get an Amazing Tan ANY Way You Fake Tan:

Spray tanning  Remove every trace of excessive dead skin layer, especially on knees and elbows. Those are the problems spots that have a lot of dead skin accumulated and when the tan fades, those areas tend to hold the tan longer. It is quite annoying and not alltogether very attractive to have dark patches on your body in all the wrong places…That is unless you exfoliate with the Baiden Tan Mitten of course… The mitt is great in taking all the dead skin off the body, even in areas where other exfoliators are cannot handle. Self tanning. Just as with spray tanning, the more dead skin you can remove, the better your results will be.  Your self tan will also last much longer (often double the time) of what it did before. It will also fade so uniformly, you will not be left with white patches where your jeans or runners normally rub it off.

​Get Great Results For UVA Tans:

Sun tanning. Your body has amazing abilities which cosmetic companies do not want you to know about. For one – it can produce it’s own sunscreen. It is called sebum and if your skin’s pores are not blocked, sebum is free to flow, moisturize and protect your skin. You will find that you will not sunburn as easily as before, your tan will be more even and you will not get as many freckles as you did before. In fact,we have had reports that even people who would always burn, never tan before, getting even, golden tan, freckle free! Of course that does not mean that you can spend hours frying in the sun, but with sensible exposure to the sun you should see a great improvement in the quality of your tan. Sun bed tanning. It works the same for sunbeds. You might think that you always got an even tan previously, but wait till you use Baiden Mitten first. Your tan will be as even as if you were born with that color and it will shimmer naturally. That is because your skin will be so highly polished, it will glow. No extra products needed.

Get more than you asked for.

Although most see skin as a beauty accessory, in reality it is the largest body organ which plays crucial role in detox. Your body functions better if it is clean and free of toxins. If you have any conditions listed above, you have toxins in your body.
That is why, if you improve skin health with Baiden Tan mitten, your skin’s problems will diminish. 

Additionally, when the pores are clear, the skin has amazing abilities to take up oxygen and more oxygen means better cell regeneration, keeping you younger! Oxygen also happens to be a “happy gas” – better sleep, better health and better mood 🙂 Stay happy

 Be harmful, toxic chemicals free.

Baiden products are made to the standard normally reserved for baby products. 

We use the least processed grade of fibres, which had NOT been soaked in harmful chemicals. If they were, the fibres infused with poisons would leach those chemicals into your skin every time you exfoliated. That is why, when wet, Baiden Mitten has an earthy, woody smell. Its all natural.

Because of the minimal processing, you need to ensure that your glove gets a chance to dry thoroughly after your exfoliation session to prevent it from deteriorating.

Sustainable, Moral and Ethical.

We only sell products that work. They also last for a long time. That is why we probably will never become a big company as our customers only need to re-purchase our products every 1-2 years. 
We are fine with that as we believe that every company has a duty to do its best for customers, communities and earth.

You will NEVER have to use microbeads again which are polluting our environment is such a huge way.

We are big not only on quality of our products and customer support but on fair trade as well. People who make our products are proud of their craftmanship and we reward them fairly for their work, as it is the right thing to do 🙂

NO MORE DARK PATCHES, STREAKS, OR UNEVEN TANS! -If you’re sick of the blotchy, uneven, orange, or poor-looking tans…you NEED this! Works perfectly with any quality self-tanner like: Solid Black, Fake Bake, Jwoww, St Tropez, Sun Laboratories
YOU’LL SAVE MONEY & SEE BETTER RESULTS WITH YOUR TANNING…HERE’S WHY -We’ve painstakingly created a product that’ll last 2 years of weekly exfoliation AND will improve your skin dramatically after just 1-3 sessions! See for yourself risk free.
DON’T BUY ANY EXFOLIATORS ANYWHERE WITHOUT READING THIS FIRST –> -How many times have you been burnt by a product promising the moon? Ours is proven, safe, and 100% effective. And it’s guaranteed or your money back. What are you waiting for?
AREN’T YOU READY TO MAXIMIZE YOUR TAN WITHOUT USING MORE DANGEROUS CHEMICALS? -Don’t settle for toxic chemicals, deal with poor and uneven tans, or waste your time on cheap imitators that don’t work. Buy yours now before it’s too late.

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Baiden Tan Mitten – Pre-Tan Scrub Exfoliator for Face & Body, Use With Self-Tanning Lotion & Spray, Super Effective Fake-Tanner Remover, Enhances All Forms Of Tanning: Spray, Self & Sun & Bed (1pack)


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